Sunday, April 11, 2010

Monday monday...

Its Monday which means back to work for all of us after a, hopefully, relaxing weekend. Fight the Monday blues by putting on something pretty and accessorizing it to your hearts content!

Beige Beauty


  1. It was actually on clearance last week at the Limited... then 40% off clearance in the store plus a 15% student discount, it had to come home with me ;-) FABULOUS cut... although it is black and looks navy in the picture.

  2. Cute blog! Do you take pictures/items from lots of different designers and put them together? or are these looks already combined on websites and you just find them. Well done though on the blog, I like it!

  3. Thanks! I basically search through several sites (mostly stores that I shop at) and put together outfits that I find fashionable, modest, and affordable. Glad you like it!

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