Wednesday, March 31, 2010

New Shade Clothing Dress!

This dress from Shade Clothing is a DREAM for us tall girls! 42" hits right at the knee for those of us around 5'11" and I am SO excited! Not only is this dress really long, it is such a great style that can be made casual or dressy through accessories. The green is bright and springy and the black is a classic look for any season. Thank you Shade for helping us tall ladies out for once!

Shade dress


Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Peachy Keen!

Lets say goodbye to Winter blues and hello to a peachy keen Spring!

peachy keen

Monday, March 29, 2010

Picnic Time!

April showers are here which will soon give way to May flowers and we all know what that means.... picnic season is fast approaching! Grab your cutest capris, a tasty snack, and your favorite fella and head out into nature! Yay for Spring!

Picnic Time

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Cardigans galore!

I am an absolute cardigan fan 100% of the year!  Whether short-sleeved for summer, 3/4 for Spring and Fall, or long sleeved for Winter, I am all about cardigans as an absolute wardrobe must have.  I think its awesome that they come in so many different forms, sizes, and styles to fit any fashion sense or body type. There are so many cute varieties on the market right now and Old Navy has a lot of really great options to fit about any budget. With so many different patterns and colors, you can't go wrong!

Old Navy Cardigans Galore

Friday, March 26, 2010

Hello Yellow!

I am totally coveting these yellow snakeskin shoes from American Eagle! And right now they are on clearance for $19.95, amazing price! I just can't figure out what to wear with them... Im not really much of a yellow shirt type of girl but these shoes are just too cute to pass up. Im going to have to put some thought into this one... see if I can justify them in some way, haha. But for now I will just share the great deal with all of you!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Coral dreams for Spring

Coral is apparently the new pink and I have to admit I am rather loving the newest shade of one of my favorite colors. Here is a lovely coral outfit great for those brisk Spring mornings on the way to work and warmer afternoons in the park.


Easter Sunday

Everyone knows that Easter Sunday means its time to break out those great white shoes you have been dying to wear and put on that fabulous pastel dress that has been hanging in your closet just waiting for this day! If you are lacking the dress or the accessories hopefully some of these ideas will get you started on your perfect Easter outfit.

Easter 2

Easter Sunday

And let's not forget that black works for EVERY season! Spruced up with some bright Spring colors you can wear your favorite slimming black styles all year round!


Eggplant is the new black

If any color can make you look as slim and chic as black, it is surely this gorgeous shade of eggplant! Shabbyapple displays this new hit color in a stunningly simple and feminine design that is sure to turn heads wherever you go.

Ready to rock

Dressed for success!

This outfit is sure to make you the bell of the ball, hands down beat out the competition at any interview, and simply just make you look exquisite in any setting!

Dressed for success

Downeast Basics Sale!

A sale is a girl's best friend and Downeast Basics has some great summer shirts and dresses on sale right now! Accessorize them with your favorite sandals and hairpiece and you have a ready-to-go chic outfit in a matter of minutes at a GREAT price!

Downeast Skirt Sale

Downeast Sale 1

Downeast Sale 3

Downeast Sale 2

Downeast Sale 4

AND to make things even better they are offering a coupon from their blog:
Free shipping for online orders totaling $40 or more. The offer is good through April 15, 2010. To take advantage, use promotional code BLOG310 when you place your order.

Sunshine on my rainy day

This is the new rainy day outfitting that Im coveting. Enough color to bring sunshine into my rainy day but versatile enough to wear with several different outfits for varying occasions.

Rainy Dayz

Im completely in love with the the little fish on the rain boots and I think the navy will look awesome with any color jeans, with just enough pop of color and pattern to make me smile.

Who doesn't love a multi-colored umbrella that not only goes with every outfit possible, but is sure to get some attention and bring a little life into those gray spring days ahead?!

And last but certainly not least, the Columbia First Traverse Fleece, HEAVEN! A well fitted, super soft, water and stain resistant fleece that is fuzzy on the inside and smooth on the outside. I have tried this on in black and love love love it! Some fleece starts to pill and looks a bit too casual on the outside as well as boxy, but the sleek look of this water-resistant fleece is way more versatile and dressy in my opinion. With a great feminine fit and such cute colors, how can you go wrong?

Monday, March 22, 2010

Rain rain don't go away!

Don't get the rainy day blues! With these fabulous accessories you can cheer up any gray day and put a smile on your face as you get out there and jump in those puddles!

Rain Day

FYI: Most of these rainboots are on sale from $20-$25 at Target this week. They are offering free shipping with a $50 purchase AND code: WH2TEBMD will get you 10% off. AWESOME deal!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Glamor and Glitz

Im in the mood for a little glamor and glitz tonight!

Grey Glitz

Tunics for one and all!

After a long winter of storing up some extra warmth... aka pudge, Im not quite ready for my skinny capris with form hugging Summer tops. However, I am loving the tunic style for Spring which will keep me looking trim and cute until I can shed some of this Winter storage!

Flattering Tunic Tops

Flower Power!!

With the onset of Spring I am in the mood for flowers, flowers and more flowers! Just a small taste to get you all in that mood too!

Spring Flowers

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Sprucing up plain tees and tanks on a budget!

I have seen a ton of embellished Tees and Tanks on the market lately with decorations ranging from flowers to lace to ruffles and more! I LOVE these new trends because I love running around in just a comfy tee or a cardigan and a tank, and with these new embellishments my favorite styles become less casual and more dressy and stylish! However, as much as I love these new trends, my pocket book just can't handle their price tags. Therefore, I have made a list of my favorite trends from the leading retailers to share with you for ideas on how you can spruce up your own tees and tanks for WAY less money than these stores are asking:

Embelishments 3

Embelishments 2

Embelishments 1

Now I know ideas are great but not all of us are creative geniuses and need a little help figuring out how to re-create these classy styles. Therefore I have also borrowed some links from other fashion-conscious bloggers who had the same idea and were able to re-create a lot of these same looks I posted above! They are good starter guides and can be added and changed to fit your fashion and creative styles.

Good luck with their tutorials and don't be afraid to branch out and create your own styles!
(** Some of these tell you to buy 2 t-shirts which is a good idea if you want to keep the same color but sometimes that can get a little pricey unless you find a REALLY good sale at places like Old Navy for plain tees and tanks. My thought was why not mix up colors on some of these ideas, therefore allowing you to buy fabric which is way cheaper than cutting up a new tshirt to make the ruffles, etc.!)

Ruffleneck Tutorial
Ruffle Shirt Tutorial
Ruffle Vneck Tutorial
Ruffle Tee Tutorial
More Ideas

Rocket Dog Wishlist

So here is my current Rocket Dog wishlist. I think I have enough of the Memories style to last me a REALLY long time... but I def. still want to get those blue flower ones to complete my collection :)

In love with a lot of their flip flop styles for the summer, especially now that Spring has Sprung and its getting warmer out. Unfortunately their flip flops seem to run a full size smaller than their other shoes, which means I need a 10 and that is not easy to find. So for now, I will just stare and drool and wish... and share with you all :)

Rocket Dog wishlist

Styling Advice needed!

Ok girls... I need some opinions and suggestions on the following outfits:

I can't decide if the zebra Rocket Dogs go with it or not?

And what do we think about the pink shirt with the patterned black and white? Good or bad? Any other top suggestions for this cute skirt?

Downeast Basics

And last but not least... I can't decide how I feel about this skirt! I added some top options, just not sure if its a cute skirt or too much of a childish pattern. What do you think?


Friday, March 19, 2010

Perfect outfit for a spring wedding

Thanks to Downeast Basics I had the perfect outfit for an early Spring wedding. (Tuxedo top and stroke of art skirt.)

My beautiful friend Sarah got married today in the Washington D.C. Temple. It was a nice 70 degrees out and couldn't have been more perfect if we had asked. SO grateful to have been able to be there! Yay for adorable friends, yay for weddings, and yay for Spring!

Happy Spring everyone, its on its way!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

A steal of a deal!!

I just got two REALLY great deals and had to share!

DSW Codes: Unlucky, kcook34, and freeship... just got those zebra rocket dogs for $20! Seriously what an awesome deal!

THEN Downeast Basics just posted this skirt in their sale section:
Its just like the pink/black/white one I showed on my first post, same cut and inverted pleats which are SO cute and SO flattering. I could not pass this up! It was 5$ off in clearance AND their 5$ off a skirt facebook coupon totally worked for this even tho it was on sale! Not sure if that is a fluke or not but wow... great deal!

Im more than broke now and not allowed to buy anything else for a LONG time but seriously, with such great deals at my fingertips how could I pass it up? You know you agree with me :)

And now back to that homework I keep pretending to be doing while Im really surfing the web, hrmmm.... happy browsing!

Coupon Thursday!

Ok I just couldn't resist taking a look around today online as well. Apparently its going to take me a while to cut my browsing habits down to Wednesdays only :) HOWEVER that means savings for you because I decided to share some coupons I found on this lovely Thursday morning:

Gap friends and family coupon for 30% off in stores is available to print if you do a google search. GREAT deal for those of us who love gap, banana republic and even old navy! Pretty sure its also valid in outlet and factory stores which is an even better bargain!

Downeast Basics is offering 30% off in their bag boutique as I mentioned yesterday. They also recently had a 5$ off any full-priced skirt coupon which I took advantage of to order the skirt in my other post. Become their fan on facebook to get these coupons and don't miss out on more great savings on great clothes!

DSW (my main shopping vice next to Downeast Basics!) always has lots of coupons available online. Google search it before you buy anything, I ALWAYS end up saving 5-10$. Also becoming a rewards member is free and gets you great discounts and coupons the more you shop. Even if you aren't a frequent shopper like me and it takes you a year to earn your first $10 coupon its totally worth it! As of yesterday freeship was giving you free shipping, no purchase minimum, and kcook34 offered a $5 discount which I also took advantage of to check out a pair of shoes. Will add those to next Wednesday's post if I end up liking and keeping them!

***Update, coupon Unlucky will get you 10$ off today because their site was down yesterday, SWEET!

That is all for today... happy shopping and remember, a dollar saved is a dollar you can spend on some other cute thing! :)

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy First Wednesday!!

Happy Wednesday Everyone and welcome to my "windows" shopping experience. Punny, right? ;-) I love spending time drooling over my pc and adding things to my ever growing wish list and I thought hey, why not share the love with all of my friends out there! Therefore I have decided to start Window Shopping Wednesday in an attempt to: 1. cut down on my online perusing and limit it to a Wednesday night post and 2. share the beautiful things I find and get your feedback. Who knows, maybe Ill find that skirt, pair of shoes, or necklace you always wanted and never knew! And hey, who knows, maybe you will do the same and pass on the link! Shoppers anonymous, friends helping friends right? haha

At any rate, to get past the ramble and head to the good stuff, here is #1 on my list which happens to be heading my way in the mail right now:
These little beauties are part of the Rocket Dog Memories line of shoes of which I own WAY too many. Not only do they have great colors and prints, the bow on the front of each of them adds that feminine class and style that my size 9 feet really need! To top it all off these shoes are COMFY and Im speaking from experience as someone who wears rocket dogs almost daily. Of course, like most flats, they do not offer much in the way of support but that can be easily remedied with a pair of inserts so they still get 5 stars in my book.

Can you picture these beauties for work with a pair of black dress pants and a colored top? Or going out for a night on the town with a skirt or capris? Seriously, Im in love.

#2 on my list, which just arrived yesterday in fact, is this gorgeous new skirt from Down East Basics:

Interestingly enough the black and white pattern of the inside of the flowers on this skirt makes my husband think that I could wear the zebra print shoes with it. We shall see when they get here, Im still a little skeptical but hey, you never know right?

Back to this skirt tho... love love love it! It has a great A-line cut with inverted pleats which gives it a little more pizazz than a flat A-line skirt and is SUPER flattering for girls with hips, aka me. I'm 5'11 and it hits right at my knee keeping me modest but super stylish at the same time! Looks great with any white or black shirt which makes it super versatile for any season. And really, who doesn't love pink and flowers now that the sun is showing its face a little more often and making us all hope for summer! This skirt def. gets 5 stars for color, quality, comfort and style.

And that brings us to #3 on my list which is unfortunately not in my closet already and not on its way to me and that is this beautiful purse from Down East Basics:

Isn't this seriously just the coolest design ever? The flower and stripes on the front are made from zippers, giving this bag an edgy modern look, while still being super classy and fabulous. I would LOVE to own this purse and give you a personal review of it but alas my budget is at its max for the month so we will just have to stick to drooling and "windows" shopping on this one for now.
ALSO, if you are a little more financially blessed than I am this week, you will be happy to know that Downeast has a facebook coupon running for 30% off all of its bags! They are generally rather affordable but who doesn't love a sale?!

And with that its time for me to get back to my wonderfully busy life as a wife and graduate student and be a little more productive. See you next Wednesday!