Saturday, May 1, 2010

Cute and modest swimsuits!

Ive decided its basically impossible to find a modest swimsuit at any normal store here in Delaware. Tankinis are usually still only down to my belly button and really, what is the point in that? However, I have found some great stores that sell modest swim wear online (and out west if you are lucky enough to be there!). Check out these suits from 3 great stores:

Top modest swim


  1. perfect timeing for this entry! I'm swimsuit shopping today. This will be the first time buying online. We'll see how it works. Hooray for sites with modest and CUTE swimsuits.:)

  2. Im always super wary buying swim bottoms online because I have the hardest time finding ones that fit right, regardless of the measurements they show. So I usually buy a plain bottom at target or a local store, and then a cute tankini top online.

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