Thursday, March 18, 2010

A steal of a deal!!

I just got two REALLY great deals and had to share!

DSW Codes: Unlucky, kcook34, and freeship... just got those zebra rocket dogs for $20! Seriously what an awesome deal!

THEN Downeast Basics just posted this skirt in their sale section:
Its just like the pink/black/white one I showed on my first post, same cut and inverted pleats which are SO cute and SO flattering. I could not pass this up! It was 5$ off in clearance AND their 5$ off a skirt facebook coupon totally worked for this even tho it was on sale! Not sure if that is a fluke or not but wow... great deal!

Im more than broke now and not allowed to buy anything else for a LONG time but seriously, with such great deals at my fingertips how could I pass it up? You know you agree with me :)

And now back to that homework I keep pretending to be doing while Im really surfing the web, hrmmm.... happy browsing!

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