Saturday, March 20, 2010

Sprucing up plain tees and tanks on a budget!

I have seen a ton of embellished Tees and Tanks on the market lately with decorations ranging from flowers to lace to ruffles and more! I LOVE these new trends because I love running around in just a comfy tee or a cardigan and a tank, and with these new embellishments my favorite styles become less casual and more dressy and stylish! However, as much as I love these new trends, my pocket book just can't handle their price tags. Therefore, I have made a list of my favorite trends from the leading retailers to share with you for ideas on how you can spruce up your own tees and tanks for WAY less money than these stores are asking:

Embelishments 3

Embelishments 2

Embelishments 1

Now I know ideas are great but not all of us are creative geniuses and need a little help figuring out how to re-create these classy styles. Therefore I have also borrowed some links from other fashion-conscious bloggers who had the same idea and were able to re-create a lot of these same looks I posted above! They are good starter guides and can be added and changed to fit your fashion and creative styles.

Good luck with their tutorials and don't be afraid to branch out and create your own styles!
(** Some of these tell you to buy 2 t-shirts which is a good idea if you want to keep the same color but sometimes that can get a little pricey unless you find a REALLY good sale at places like Old Navy for plain tees and tanks. My thought was why not mix up colors on some of these ideas, therefore allowing you to buy fabric which is way cheaper than cutting up a new tshirt to make the ruffles, etc.!)

Ruffleneck Tutorial
Ruffle Shirt Tutorial
Ruffle Vneck Tutorial
Ruffle Tee Tutorial
More Ideas


  1. What a fun blog. I found you through your post on the Downeast fan page. I am a follower!

    Here is my handmade embellished tee!

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