Thursday, March 18, 2010

Coupon Thursday!

Ok I just couldn't resist taking a look around today online as well. Apparently its going to take me a while to cut my browsing habits down to Wednesdays only :) HOWEVER that means savings for you because I decided to share some coupons I found on this lovely Thursday morning:

Gap friends and family coupon for 30% off in stores is available to print if you do a google search. GREAT deal for those of us who love gap, banana republic and even old navy! Pretty sure its also valid in outlet and factory stores which is an even better bargain!

Downeast Basics is offering 30% off in their bag boutique as I mentioned yesterday. They also recently had a 5$ off any full-priced skirt coupon which I took advantage of to order the skirt in my other post. Become their fan on facebook to get these coupons and don't miss out on more great savings on great clothes!

DSW (my main shopping vice next to Downeast Basics!) always has lots of coupons available online. Google search it before you buy anything, I ALWAYS end up saving 5-10$. Also becoming a rewards member is free and gets you great discounts and coupons the more you shop. Even if you aren't a frequent shopper like me and it takes you a year to earn your first $10 coupon its totally worth it! As of yesterday freeship was giving you free shipping, no purchase minimum, and kcook34 offered a $5 discount which I also took advantage of to check out a pair of shoes. Will add those to next Wednesday's post if I end up liking and keeping them!

***Update, coupon Unlucky will get you 10$ off today because their site was down yesterday, SWEET!

That is all for today... happy shopping and remember, a dollar saved is a dollar you can spend on some other cute thing! :)

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  1. Saw you on the Downeast Basics FB page! Cute skirt! :)