Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy First Wednesday!!

Happy Wednesday Everyone and welcome to my "windows" shopping experience. Punny, right? ;-) I love spending time drooling over my pc and adding things to my ever growing wish list and I thought hey, why not share the love with all of my friends out there! Therefore I have decided to start Window Shopping Wednesday in an attempt to: 1. cut down on my online perusing and limit it to a Wednesday night post and 2. share the beautiful things I find and get your feedback. Who knows, maybe Ill find that skirt, pair of shoes, or necklace you always wanted and never knew! And hey, who knows, maybe you will do the same and pass on the link! Shoppers anonymous, friends helping friends right? haha

At any rate, to get past the ramble and head to the good stuff, here is #1 on my list which happens to be heading my way in the mail right now:
These little beauties are part of the Rocket Dog Memories line of shoes of which I own WAY too many. Not only do they have great colors and prints, the bow on the front of each of them adds that feminine class and style that my size 9 feet really need! To top it all off these shoes are COMFY and Im speaking from experience as someone who wears rocket dogs almost daily. Of course, like most flats, they do not offer much in the way of support but that can be easily remedied with a pair of inserts so they still get 5 stars in my book.

Can you picture these beauties for work with a pair of black dress pants and a colored top? Or going out for a night on the town with a skirt or capris? Seriously, Im in love.

#2 on my list, which just arrived yesterday in fact, is this gorgeous new skirt from Down East Basics:

Interestingly enough the black and white pattern of the inside of the flowers on this skirt makes my husband think that I could wear the zebra print shoes with it. We shall see when they get here, Im still a little skeptical but hey, you never know right?

Back to this skirt tho... love love love it! It has a great A-line cut with inverted pleats which gives it a little more pizazz than a flat A-line skirt and is SUPER flattering for girls with hips, aka me. I'm 5'11 and it hits right at my knee keeping me modest but super stylish at the same time! Looks great with any white or black shirt which makes it super versatile for any season. And really, who doesn't love pink and flowers now that the sun is showing its face a little more often and making us all hope for summer! This skirt def. gets 5 stars for color, quality, comfort and style.

And that brings us to #3 on my list which is unfortunately not in my closet already and not on its way to me and that is this beautiful purse from Down East Basics:

Isn't this seriously just the coolest design ever? The flower and stripes on the front are made from zippers, giving this bag an edgy modern look, while still being super classy and fabulous. I would LOVE to own this purse and give you a personal review of it but alas my budget is at its max for the month so we will just have to stick to drooling and "windows" shopping on this one for now.
ALSO, if you are a little more financially blessed than I am this week, you will be happy to know that Downeast has a facebook coupon running for 30% off all of its bags! They are generally rather affordable but who doesn't love a sale?!

And with that its time for me to get back to my wonderfully busy life as a wife and graduate student and be a little more productive. See you next Wednesday!

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